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Collectivities and long-term projects / Colectivos y proyectos de largo alcance
     *Nerivela (2007-2021)
     *VICO. Videoclub de operación expandida / Videoclub of expanded operation (2011-2015)    
     *UIUI. Unidad para la imaginación urbana intensiva / Unit for intensive urban imagination (2009-2014)
     *Laboratorio 060 (2003-2013)
     *The Binet Project / Proyecto Binet (1999-2006)
     *International Critical Geography Group (Steering commitee, 2016-ongoing)

Documentary and Short Experimental Films (selection) / Cine documental y experimental (selección)
     Director and Scriptwriter, Mexico, 2021, 70 min. English.
     An essay-film that recreates an unfinished script by Sergei Eisenstein on the homonimous work of Karl Marx.  

      Director and Scriptwriter, Mexico, 2017, 96 min. SP + En subtitles
      A documentary film around the vital experience of different groups socially considered as disabled.

      *Frontera. A Sketch for the Creation of a Future Society                                                       
      Co-director and co-producer, Mexico, 2014, 77 min. SP + En subtitles 
      A documentary film about a series of cultural and artistic interventions within an indigenous
      community in the border between Mexico and Guatemala. (Link to vimeo)

      *The Desire Trilogy / Trilogía del deseo (2006-2016)
       Director, producer, photographer, Mexico, 29 min.
       3 short films that aim to restructure the identity narratives on groups with special diseases or      
        The Inspirators (Minimal Sensibility Survey), 6:00 min., 2016
        System Error (deaf proof) 2.1.exe.unleash, 12:00 min. 2010 (Link to vimeo)
        The Chronic Argonauts, 11:00 min., 2006 (Link to vimeo)

Books (selection) / Libros (selección)
     *Frontera. Esbozo para la creación de una sociedad del futuro / A Sketch for the Creation of a Future
, Berlin: Revolver, 2016. (SP + EN, editor/author) (Link)
     *Vs. Arte Contemporáneo, México: Tumbona, 2015. (SP, author) (Link to free download)
     *Un mundo sin dios, pueblo de fantasmas, La imagen dialéctica: recurso para una semiología radical. Una lectura de Walter
, [A World without God, a Ghost Town. The Dialectical Image as a Resource for a Radical Semiology. Reading
      Walter Benjamin’s work] México: UNAM, 2014. (SP, author) (Link to free download)
     *The Architectural Ellipsis / La elipsis arquitectónica, México: Arquine, 2013 (SP + EN, editor / author) (Link)

Experimental Pedagogies (selection) / Pedagogías experimentales (selección)
     *Critique and Curating/Curaduría y crítica
     CONARTE, Monterrey, Mexico
     An integral seminar for the development of a critical theory applied to the production of art and culture.      
     May-December, 2013.
     [Part of the results of the seminar were summarized as chapter 5 in Elhaik, T. (2016). The Incurable-Image.
     Curating Post-Mexican Film and Media Arts.
Edinburgh: EUP. Link to book review here].  

     *6th Public Art Forum/6to Foro de Arte Público 2008      
     Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, Mexico City
     Director of the Forum, which made an emphasis on critical approaches to cultural interventions on the
     public space. (Program available at June-December, 2008.
     [The results of the project were published in Toscano, J., (ed.) (2010): City-Sign. 6th Public Art
     Forum, Mexico: SAPS-Bukspeis. 160pp.] 

Interviews, quotations (selection) / Entrevistas, citas (selección)
    *Zoe Mendelson, “A Major Art Symposium Goes Awry in Mexico City”, Hyperallergic, 23.08.17 (English)     
      Link to website
    *Teresa Martínez, ”Una fuente polémica”, El Norte, 08.30.17. (Spanish) Link to PDF 
    *Victor Juárez, “Denuncian opacidad por bosque urbano”, Reforma, 04.01.17. (Spanish) Link to PDF
    *Sonia Ávila, “La economía volvió un simulacro el arte”, Excélsior, Expresiones, p. 6. 11.02.2015. (Spanish) Link to PDF
    *Adriana Pedroza, “Cuestiona el valor dado al arte”, Mural, 24.02.15. (Spanish) Link to PDF

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